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Wednesday, 16 March 2016 09:18

Open Forum | 16-3-2016

Feedback is broken – and training is not enough to make change and shift cultures

Changing habits in an organisation does not happen overnight. Training programs are a good start, but how do we implement and sustain what we’ve learnt? Georgia Murch shares six steps to drive and maintain change.

Most organisations and individuals understand the value and power of giving and receiving feedback. We are aware that it builds trust and respect between our employees, customers and stakeholders. We know that great conversations lead to better outcomes and therefore productivity and profit. So we send our people to a training program in the hope they will come back a changed person.   

Yet we find that our people – and if we are honest, ourselves too – still avoid it or handle it poorly. 

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Georgia is obsessed with the power of great communication. She knows how great communication leads to great collaboration and helps create outstanding cultures.


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