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Wednesday, 30 March 2016 04:57

Dynamic Business | 30-3-2016

Why we need to stop using "I'm just being honest" as an excuse to verbally assassinate

You’re in a performance review and your Manager tells you that a couple of your colleagues think your ego walks in the door two hours before you do.  It’s ok though…. He’s “just being honest”. You’re having a discussion with a colleague and she raises her voice, points her finger and lets you know that “you should keep your mouth shut unless someone asks for your opinion”.  It’s ok though…. She’s “just being honest”. 

Maybe you’ve just finished a finely tuned talk that you had been preparing for weeks and someone you knew came with some feedback; “That’s the first time you have spoken and I’ve really listened”.  It’s ok though…. He’s “just being honest”.

Those four words…. “I’m just being honest;” they seem to give some people permission to say whatever they think.

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