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Monday, 04 July 2016 04:12

You gotta push through your awkward if you wanna breakthrough

In Bikram yoga there is a pose called ‘Utkatasana’ or known as awkward or chair pose. It’s uncomfortable and awkward, hence the name.

You put your arms forward, squat to a right angle, stick your bum out, and lean back as if you are leaning straight on a wall.  It’s a weird feeling and hard to maintain.  Yet the benefits are many.  It strengthens the ankles, calves, spine, shoulders and chest.  It stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm, heart and reduces flat feet.

To receive the benefits of the pose you have to push through and get comfortable with uncomfortable.  You need to surrender to your awkward. You gotta push through your fear of falling backwards. You gotta push through the pain of holding the pose for 1 minute.  You gotta push through your desire to exit and run.

Having tough conversations can feel the same.  They feel awkward. Yet if we don’t push through, we don’t get the benefits.  Benefits such as improved performance and behaviours, better relationships and more effective decision making.

One of the key benefits of doing the Awkward Pose is laser focused concentration throughout the day.  The same happens on the other side of those tough conversations.  Once you've had them you can now focus on the things that matter, rather than ruminate on the issues that are unresolved.

If we don’t push through and give the feedback, then things are unlikely to change and most likely they will get worse.  So is it worth it?  Pushing through your awkward to change outcomes?  I reckon.



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