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Monday, 11 July 2016 02:39

We need ‘kick ar$e’ 1 on 1s. The end.

We have too many people ‘checking out’ of our ‘check ins’.   Or not having them at all.

We are missing an opportunity to grow, develop and seriously engage our people through Kick ‘A’ 1 on 1’s.

  • We now know that performance reviews are rarely improving the performance of our people. In fact, most of them are doing the opposite.
  • Too many Managers think that ‘task is key’ and their focus becomes a tick list.
  • “If only we had more time we would be able to invest more in our people”, is a common cry.

For many, the real issue is “I just don’t know how to get the best from my people”.

Running great 1 on 1s increases performance and engagement tenfold, for our people AND for our Managers.  I work with many of the ‘best places to work’ and I see this make a huge difference.  I also see when it’s not done well and it just ends up being damaging and costly.

In ‘Are Employees’ Needs Being Met by One on Ones’ Ken Blanchard tell us that 89% of people want to meet with their Manager more often. Furthermore, their expectation is that these catch ups will add value to their thinking and development. 

Yet many are not. 


So what do we need to know for these 1 on 1s to become Kick ‘A’?   

There are five core elements and it’s not just about the tools to do these well;

1. For some, the first step is understanding the value of the 1 on 1’s and making the commitment to develop our capability as Managers and commit to our team members’ development.

2. We need to structure them well and to suit our organisation and team. Preparation allows us to make the most of the time and learning, both for our team and for us.

3. How we approach this is a balance of remarkable communication, feedback and the application of mentoring and coaching skills. 

4. At the same time, we observe and sit above the process, pay attention to our reactions and to theirs, so we can constantly flex and change.

5. Underpinning all of these is the consistency of 1 on 1’s, the process and the role we play.


The good news is… it’s easier than you think! 


For information on the Kick ‘A’ 1 on 1 program please contact Georgia Murch.

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Last modified on Monday, 18 July 2016 04:51

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