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Sunday, 23 October 2016 20:40

Not all feedback is helpful!

Many of you know that #TheFeedbackChallenge has started.  Many people around the globe are learning to Get Their Positive On! and get better at giving feedback.  I thought I would share with you what they are learning on Day 1.

Let’s start with some really pragmatic advice that helps you form the foundations of giving good feedback.

There are four types of feedback and not all of them are helpful.  Only two of them help us improve and build relationships of trust and respect in the process.

1. We have praise.  We give this out easily and it sounds like;

  1. ‘You did a great job!’
  2. ‘Well done on that presentation’
  3. ‘Thanks so much for doing that’

It’s all feelings and opinions.  It’s nice to hear and easy to say.  But it’s vague.

2. Then we have positive constructive feedback.  Where we get specific and discuss examples.  We explain why they did a good job or why the presentation was good or why you are grateful for them doing something.  The other person now knows what they can do next time to replicate their behaviour.  If they don’t know what they are doing well then they can’t replicate it for next time.

3. Then we have constructive negative feedback.  Like constructive positive it is about identifying specifically what the person needs to do better, or less of.  It identifies what the person needs to work on.

4. Then we have criticism.  Criticism is based on feelings and opinions.  It has no examples, no specifics and is rude and unhelpful.  It is other laced with ‘I'm just being honest’ as an excuse to verbally assassinate someone.  “No one likes you. Just being honest”.  "This report is terrible. Just being honest".

So, here’s the thing.  We know criticism is unhelpful.  But so is praise.  Whilst praise doesn’t damage people or relationships.  It is not specific enough to help people.  They need to know why.
So use constructive positive feedback and help people understand why they are great or why you are grateful. 
Let me show you how to use constructive positive feedback;

Thank you for taking the time to read these blogs BECAUSE when we all start seeing what others are doing well and telling them… we will improve relationships, build trust, lead others more easily and quite honestly make our everyday lives so much more enjoyable. 

Did you see what I did?  I gave you the reason why I am thanking you. Your role is to ensure that when you give feedback it remains constructive and tell them why you value them.  Pick one person today. Go!


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