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Monday, 12 December 2016 05:01

There is a strong link between innovation cultures and feedback

Just a short one today to ponder.  I love what Sarah Prevette, the founder of Future Design School, has to say about the creating innovative cultures.  She says that culture is the backbone of innovation and you can’t have innovation unless you are having the conversations.


My favourite line is where she says “It’s not enough to talk about wanting an innovation culture.  You need to be dedicated to hearing honest feedback and championing the ideas that your staff have”.


If you lead teams, ideas or people, watch this 1-minute clip and then ask yourself;

Do I actively create a conversation culture or do I shoot ideas down?


Click here to view the video: http://www.inc.com/sarah-prevette/why-innovation-is-driven-by-your-company-culture.html


To learn more about ‘Feedback cultures being game changers’ download my whitepaper and connect with me.


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