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Monday, 22 May 2017 14:03

I just got 'feedback funnied'!

My good friend and colleague Peter Cook and I have been working together on an exciting project. We have been building IP (intellectual property) and designing some super cool models. I had one of the models from our IP mocked up and sent to him. It had a glaring mistake in it.

Don’t you love it when you miss the bleedin’ obvious?! Not.

He then sent me this reply;

“I like that you put a mistake in just to see if I'm paying attention :) ”

Gold right there! I got ‘feedback funnied’. It was such a good reminder to not always have to be so ‘Captain Serious’ when we let others know that what they have done could have been done better. 

But getting our feedback funny on has a warning sticker. It’s best only delivered when your intent is good. When you know that you are coming from a good place and that the other person is likely to know this too.

If your relationship is good… have some fun! If it’s not… be careful, as your intent doesn’t always translate well.

What can you ‘feedback funny’ this week?

You won’t find the feedback funny concept in my book Fixing Feedback coz I just made it up. How funny! But you’ll find heaps of other great stuff, so why not click on the link and grab yourself a copy.

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