That’s a wrap

We made a commitment to you at the start of the year to give weekly updates on how to create a more sustainable Australia and do a bit of good in the world. Not to blow our own trumpet but I reckon we did a pretty kick-ass job. So we wanted to say a big heart felt thanks for reading our stuff (and hopefully partaking in some). We have loved running our ‘Play Your Part’ campaign. From kicking it off with the bushfire disasters, then finding ways to help others during the global pandemic to saving wildlife and raising awareness of major world issues, we are pretty proud of ourselves, and we hope you are too 😉

If you have a bit of time off over the Christmas break and you fancy playing your part it’s not too late. We’ve saved them at the link below and invite you to have a look and see if there is a way you can help in a big or small way. See ya in 2021 for more then.