3 feedback events + 3 coaching opportunities

There are 2 things on offer here. You’d be crazy not to read about both of them.

          1. Let’s be honest. For many, feedback feels hard. Harder than usual. We know it’s important. We get that. But why are we avoiding it now more than ever, or handling it poorly? There are some significant reasons. They need to be taken into account in our planning.

So, I am going to explore ‘What can get in the way of feedback in 2023’. And what to do about it.

This online event is for you if: 

  • Your team or organisation wants to focus on feedback for 2023
  • You lead a team, people and culture or learning and development
  • You know that sending people to feedback training is not getting the results you were hoping for

This conversation will set you up to plan for your people and culture in the current landscape. One that is more challenging than we’ve ever seen. Come armed with your thoughts and the questions you want answered.

Register here if this has your name on it.

But wait, there’s more….

          2. To be Captain Obvious for a minute – business has changed. Leading just got harder.

COVID has changed how we work. The planet is hurting. The economy is on tenterhooks. And mental health issues continue to be on the rise.  This affects how we lead and the decisions we make – for ourselves and our people. These are not decisions to make alone, nor should it be a path to navigate in isolation.

So, I’ve designed a Coaching Program – ‘The Seesaw of Leadership’ to help you navigate the things that matter:

  • Strategy and planning – How pragmatic, actionable, and clear is your strategic plan? Are you setting up success measures? What attention does your implementation plan need?
  • People and culture – Here we focus on how you can inspire and navigate all the people issues. And the role you play in creating the workplace culture you want and need.
  • Leadership and life – Understand the impact of your leadership on yourself and others using The Leadership Circle© diagnostic. Do a life audit to make decisions about how else to live an extraordinary life.

If you are a senior leader, run a business and want this year to be different, to be better, to make sure you are creating the space to think and workshop the decisions to be made – this could be for you.

Contact me directly for the coaching opportunity. There are only 3 spots left for 2023. And register here for the feedback event if it’s on your radar this year.