Go for a walk, clear your mind

As a team we discussed breaking our routines and challenged ourselves to find new places to walk and explore. I did the Werribee Gorge walk at the start of the year and felt so good to change up my usual scenery and environment.

The Mayo Clinic, along with other medical institutions, tells us that walking even 30 minutes a day helps to maintain a healthy weight, can prevent and manage high blood pressure, strengthens your bones and can greatly improve your mood. All this and getting some outdoor action? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
‘Great Walks of Australia’ has an awesome website which gives you a breakdown of the best walking trails in OZ by state. This week we challenge you to pick one from the list, or somewhere new (that may even be on your doorstep) and go for a walk. Up to you if you want to go solo or with mates, both are great I reckon.