What I do

I have been in the dance of building better cultures and growing better humans for over 25 years. I’ve led teams and businesses so I understand, and appreciate the complexity of humans and the workplace. I’ve done the miles.

I can proudly say I’m a best-selling author with three books in the feedback, culture and personal development space. I have fun appearing on The Morning Show, Sky News, The Today Show, ABC radio and enjoy writing for Huffington Post, AFR, The Australian, news.com.au, Business Chicks, CEO World, Australian HR Institute and Modern Business.

I reckon I put passion on a podium and make sure there’s no gloom on Zoom. People tell me they walk away inspired to do things better and be better and love the laughs along the way.

I also run kickarse leadership offsites and onlines (when we can’t gather in person). These are not for the faint hearted, and are definitely not another tick-box strategic planning exercise. But they are pretty extraordinary, and it’s some of my favourite work.

What I believe


I believe in the infinite capability of a team working as one.

I believe it’s the whole of us, that makes us awesome. I would call it ‘flawsome’.
I believe people are good. It’s just that they don’t believe it so they act out.
I believe that change is possible in all of us, whether others believe this or not.
I believe in taking responsibility for my ripple effect but not punishing myself for it.
I believe in kindness. Especially to myself.

Who I am

I am an embarrassing mother of two legendary teenagers.

I am an author and a speaker.

I am an expert in building workplace cultures.

I am a Melbournian.

I was an Accountant, a recruiter, head of people and culture, a management consultant and now an author, keynote speaker and leadership facilitator.

I am an avid yogi and a self-confessed excellent reverse parker.

All of these are true and none of them are.

They are labels that help you work out who I am and where I fit in the world.

What I really am is me. And how to describe that? I am working on being enough. I am learning that I am complete, as I continue to remove the unhelpful thinking that tells me otherwise.

I am a lover of life and people. I am me.

Awesome stuff clients say

“When the proposal for feedback training at Airtasker was initially raised, I admittedly jumped to the conclusion that giving and receiving feedback was pretty commonsensical and something that I already knew how to do.

But after being lovingly nudged to join Georgia’s feedback training: I was blown away by how wrong I had been. Georgia combines a “slap in the face” level of energy with some profound wisdom that really cuts through and establishes the genuine motivation to prioritise quality feedback.

At Airtasker, the learnings we’ve gained from Georgia have been critical in developing a feedback culture that empowers people to do their best work, rewards excellence and ultimately paves the way for more honest, higher quality relationships.

Starting out as a sceptic, I’m now a huge fan of Georgia’s work and the leverage it can have on company culture and ultimately performance.”


Tim Fung, Founder and CEO at Airtasker

“Georgia facilitated a training session on feedback at our annual Rugby League Women’s Leadership Forum. She was able to engage with the large group in a way that challenged them but also made them laugh and reflect. We had very positive feedback about the training both content and presentation style of Georgia. I personally enjoyed working with Georgia as she got me to think of things in a different way and made the Forum a better experience.”


Garry Whatley, CIO at The Australian National University

“Not only does Georgia help you create a ‘kickass culture’ she is about as ‘kickass’ as they come herself! Georgia is the most fantastic facilitator and change maker. If you are looking for someone to bring energy, enthusiasm and joy to your team with an intelligent, thoughtful and insightful approach, then Georgia is your woman. Georgia worked with me when I was CEO of Tennis Victoria and helped my team come together as one to create a strategy and set of values that brought purpose and action to the team. Working with Georgia was not only great fun and rewarding, it also challenged my thinking and mindset in really helpful ways. I can’t recommend Georgia enough.”


Ruth Holdaway MBE (She/Her), Chief Executive at Tennis Victoria