Are you scared to have great check-ins?

ChatGPT tells me that the most important thing to a great catch up with our people is empathy. It’s not the questions you ask, not the feedback you give, not even your awesome advice. Empathy. I agree. 

So I asked; ‘What stops us from being empathetic?’ Fear. Fear of what? Fear of being vulnerable. Makes sense. You see when we catch up with our people, they don’t want to meet a robot who ticks off a list. They want to meet a human who cares about the person doing the work. A person that is interested in their thoughts, their ideas, their perspective. A person who makes mistakes and talks about what they learned from it. They want to know you. And be known.

That can feel hard for many. It can feel exposing. The right thing and the hard thing to do are often the same.

Outside food and water, our greatest human need is to belong. To know that we matter. How good are you at doing this in your check-ins? Food for thought. I mean empathy for thought. And if you’re the one being led. Don’t wait. You go first and share what you’d like. The relationship is two ways.

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