Be the door bitch of your mind

#1 ‘Board of Directors’ that live in your head series

When I was at Uni, one of my casual jobs was working on the door at the Cadillac Bar, a nightclub in Carlton, Melbourne. I shared the job with one of my besties Kate. We started sometime after 9pm ‘til the early hours of the morning. The hours weren’t great and standing in the cold of winter was also not fun. But I did love the power. Yep, I will admit. Making decisions about who could come into the club and who couldn’t was very cool.

If you were one of those people who wondered if the Bouncers were making arbitrary decisions about who could enter and who couldn’t, then you were right. We just made it up. We would then blame it on their shoes or say they looked too inebriated – whether they did or didn’t. It was fun for us, but not for the punters.

I was reminded of this work experience in one of our  weekly meetings last week with the team. We run ‘Wednesday Wobbles’. A 15-min check in for people to share a mistake they made and what they learned from it. We normalise failure in our business. You could say we are awesome at failing. We are down with that.

Hasmin, our Program Manager, shared a realisation that she was comparing herself to other Mums and how they look like they’ve got things sorted. The comparison was the problem. She came up with the concept that she needed to be a better ‘door bitch’ with her mind. How good is that?

If we managed our minds by deciding what thoughts we can let in and which ones to reject, then I suspect this crazy thing we call life will be a whole lot better, and easier. What do you need to kick out of the nightclub of your mind?

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