Georgia Murch is a best-selling author with three books in the feedback, culture and personal development space.

Georgia’s latest book Culture Killers will be in store May 2022


We are so damn tough on ourselves. This often causes us to react poorly to feedback that comes our way. Flawsome will show you how to make peace with all of you and respond better to those things that typically trigger you off. It is about giving yourself permission to be fully human and fully flawed.

Fixing Feedback

For years we have been taught that feedback matters and we need to give it. Yet we are still not leaning in. Fixing Feedback will show you what gets in the way of you giving feedback, how to prepare for it, emotional and practically. And how to navigate conversations when they go south.

Feedback Flow

Embedding a culture, whether it is a feedback one or any type of workplace culture, is not as simple as sending everyone to training in the hope it will transform. Feedback Flow will show you the 5 things workplaces need to do to create permanent change.

Culture Killers

We spend time working out what we need to do to become a better workplace. But what we need to do is understand and diagnose what is getting in the way of our workplace becoming kickarse. Culture Killers examines the obstacles that get in the way with real life case studies of organisations that are nailing it.