Career conversations are game changers

If you are a people manager, your people expect you, and the business, to help them navigate their career.  Whether they tell you or not.

If you are being led by someone, it’s your role to ask your manager to help you navigate your career.  Otherwise you might be getting frustrated for something they have no idea about.  And that’s not fair.

In Right Management’s white paper; ‘Talk the Talk’ we know that people don’t feel supported in their career. Nearly all employees, in fact 89%, know they are responsible for their career.  They believe in the concept of self-management.  They are not trying to shirk their responsibility.

It’s just that their performance, their ability to do their job well, is based on conversations about their career and development.  They say as high as 66% of their development is linked to these conversations.  That’s 2/3’s of their performance linked to talking about their career.

So here’s a suggestion. Why don’t you work it out… together.  Crazy right?!

Most people want to have conversations about how they can grow and develop themselves. Yet we are often unsure, and ill equipped, to make these conversations add real value.  And it’s easier than you think.

Career conversations are future focused conversations about how people grow and develop in AND out of the work environment.  Yep. It can be both.  It all counts.  And many of us don’t have them.  Why not?

  • – We can be uncomfortable and unsure about what to ask and say
  • – They can feel like clumsy conversations
  • – We might not have the answers our people want or need
  • – They can be risky for both parties, as people might want to leave or stay 😉

So they often end up getting stuffed into performance reviews, when there is not enough time. We know that performance reviews – in their old school form are not working.

There are three areas for us to focus;

  1. Current state – Understanding where they are at now, their strengths, weaknesses and levels of self-awareness.
  2. Future state – Understand their dreams, goals and short and long-term plans.  Whether it’s professional or personal and definitely outside the organisation.
  3. Way forward – What’s the action plan to make it happen?  Short and long term.

And the best news is, you don’t have to know any of the answers.  Just be able to ask the right questions and hold the space for them to think and answer.  It’s the reflection time that counts. How cool is that?

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