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Georgia is bold and brave, innovative and pragmatic. She is a great partner for problem solving and identifying new ways and approaches to get things done. She always thinks about and cares about the client needs - both individually and from the perspective of business outcomes. She knows how to have the tough conversations and is a great coach and facilitator to help others to do the same.

Felicity Hudson Principal


I have worked with Georgia as a colleague at Nous Group and my working life has been enhanced in many ways as she is a gem. Three things in particular stand out:

1. Her ability to see the possibilities in people and ideas. She is able to quickly see what is possible and communicate this intelligently and enthusiastically to others

2. Georgia is able to ability to rally the troops and connect with people. I have seen this characteristic many times and it means that anything she works on will be successful. People are naturally attracted to her intellect and her capacity to make things happen. Her genuine enthusiasm for people, ideas and projects brushes off on people. People she works with and her friends outside work are attracted to her as she has the rare ability to sell ideas and paint the picture so that we understand the possibilities.

3. Georgia is a trusted advisor, she listens, dissects, analyses, tests ideas and is able to discuss and advise without fear. She doesn’t hold back if she thinks you may be shirking the issue. Her intention is always for you to be better, to solve the problem and to move on.

Lea Thorpe Principal

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