Our strategy at Optiver is to improve the way and types of conversations we are having with regards to performance and make feedback just something we do everyday. We reached out to Georgia to help us develop and deliver our ‘Brilliant’ communication strategy. She worked closely with us to roll out this program to our leadership team first and now we are rolling it out to our entire business.

She really listened to what we were trying to achieve and the balance of theory and practice in the training was received well for all who attended. The feedback from the the attendees was excellent, with people now practicing and demonstrating what they have learnt in the sessions.

Georgia was great to work with and her energy see no bounds.

Irene Frisby Global HR Manager


If you have a need to fix communication and feedback in your business, then you absolutely can’t go past Georgia.

She worked with us to design a Brilliant Communication” workshop, and also to up-skill our internal team to deliver the training ongoing. Not only is Georgia a thought leader in this space, but her infectious energy and genuine commitment to partnering with us, meant the value of her involvement extended well beyond the time of the engagement.

The feedback about the program has been really positive and we look forward to collaborating on future projects down the track.

Megan Bennett Talent, Learning and Growth Lead 

Folk Deakin Prime
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