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Georgia fixes feedback! If you are genuine about building a feedback culture she should be your go to expert. Through her proven techniques, experience and energy, there’s an immediate eye opening effect on teams and the positive change begins straight away.

Robert Leigh Senior Manager, Sales Operations at Mercedes-Benz


Working with Georgia was an absolute pleasure! Her session was very engaging, inspiring and interactive. I left feeling motivated to "nip things in the bud" when they occur and also to "treat people with respect even when they perhaps don't deserve it.."! I would recommend the workshop "Feedback that doesn't suck" to anyone looking to make a positive difference to the people they work with and also to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders. Georgia creates a safe and comfortable environment to share honestly and openly, she connects with her audience in a way that can truly help make a difference to others. Thank you Georgia!

Belinda Williams Human Resources, at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia

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