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Talent 2

I have hired Georgia twice in my career, would do it again in a heartbeat and that is a powerful validation in itself. Georgia Murch is an energy force beyond belief. She channels her passion for people, learning and consulting towards the achievement of business goals and makes sure it’s done in a fun and challenging way.

At Talent2, Georgia led the Executive Contracting business across Australia and New Zealand. Her brief was to reignite our contracting business and build the enablers to take us to the next level.... she delivered. Key strengths of Georgia include her ability to quickly understand the business landscape, commit to building relationships that deliver results, to think strategically and then implement pragmatically. When she led the business her experience in the space of having the tough conversations yet maintaining trust and respect was evident. Georgia designed and facilitated our first APAC Contracting Conference which was a great success and showcased her ability to deliver what the stakeholders needed and do it with style and grace. People liked working with Georgia and it’s a pleasure to recommend her. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more

Paul Jury Managing Director


Energy, action and "call it as it is" - This is Georgia. She approaches her work and life with the same values set - with honesty and commitment. Her confidence and drive enables her to constantly deliver optimal quality work. Georgia makes a meaningful and tangible difference to all those that interact with her. Her spirit to achieve the unachievable is infectious.

Joanne Henderson-Brooks Director of Managed Services


Georgia is smart, engaging and a great communicator. She brings colour and life to what she does but not at the expense of the message and people walk away feeling invigorated but also having learned, in a practical and an applicable manner, what they needed to learn.

She's good!!....talk to her and you'll see for yourself - I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Nicholas Tuckfield General Manager NSW

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