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Interview with Georgia Murch. Breakfast with Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah.

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Communication expert Georgia Murch reveals the key to ending conflict with bosses, co-workers.

THEY are four common phrases we’ve probably all said at one point or another - but they could be holding your career back.

WHETHER it’s a horrible boss or a colleague you just can’t stand, conflict at work is pretty much inevitable. But according to communication specialist Georgia Murch, there are some surprisingly simple ways to manage that conflict — and get the outcome you want.

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There is no doubt that whoever is leading or planning a strategy day, sets the tone.

Whether the facilitator is someone internal, or an external expert, their role is to ensure the design of the day(s) suits the objectives.  But it doesn’t stop there. How they set expectations, manage participants and keep the day running smoothly is also essential.  A great facilitator is well aware of the fine balance of setting it up and then stepping out of the way and letting the people create the magic.  But, why don’t they?

Have you been to many off sites or problem solving days that you can never get back? Was it 4 hours of your day that you’ll never get back? 2 days? A week altogether, including the meetings and planning beforehand?

Many years ago, I was working with a professional services client. Their revenue had been decreasing for the past 18 months. In this time, no new services lines were introduced. I was told this was the key issue that was stunting growth; a lack of innovation and development. They wanted the senior leadership team to solve this problem by developing new service lines that would turn the business around.

When we get our people together for strategic or team planning days – we are conscious of making the time and effort count. We come with great expectations when our people gather, and rightly so.

I can recall sitting in far too many ‘strategic planning days’ which turned into talk fests of problems; lots of opposing ideas and often the loudest voices winning. It’s like a Pro Hart’s art with his food on carpet situation. Seemingly creative but a hell of a mess to clean up or make sense of.

When I first started managing a team it was hard. Yes, it was exciting to be able to influence others, help them be better and to start ‘playing’ with the leadership team. But it was hard. The most difficult thing was working out how to motivate the individuals who were not meeting targets and KPI’s. Especially when they were good hearted people.

My good friend and colleague Peter Cook and I have been working together on an exciting project. We have been building IP (intellectual property) and designing some super cool models. I had one of the models from our IP mocked up and sent to him. It had a glaring mistake in it.

I’ve been doing Mindful in May which is a global mindful practice. I have been watching interviews on some of the world leaders in meditation and mindfulness, and doing their guided meditations every day. It’s made a serious and noticeable impact in my life only two weeks in. I feel calmer, more aware of my thinking and quite honestly happier. As it’s been a rough start to the year on a personal level, the timing has been perfect.

A while back I wrote about that ‘Content and Intent is all you need’ when it comes to have conversations that make a big difference.  I want to explore this more and help us understand what WE might bring to our conversations or feedback that heads them south.

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