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A while back I wrote about that ‘Content and Intent is all you need’ when it comes to have conversations that make a big difference.  I want to explore this more and help us understand what WE might bring to our conversations or feedback that heads them south.

The way some people are wired is that they need to be right (AKA Righties). Righties are continually on trial to prove that what they say, and what they do, is correct. They will often go to great lengths to demonstrate their ‘rightness’, including hurting people they love and respect. These people are not big on apologies as they don’t feel they are necessary or warranted. Yet some give them to keep the peace, even if they don’t mean it.

‘Don’t interrupt me while I am letting you hear what I’m saying’.

Yep… we’ve all been on the receiving end of those people that love hearing the sound of their own voice more than yours.  Or perhaps you can be honest enough with yourself to say that sometimes you might have moments of falling into this category as well (more than you choose to be honest about).  For many of us that take most of the air time in a conversation it is your turn to learn that these are known as ‘Yoursations’.  You could practically have them without the other person… you just can’t see it.  You’re too busy having your point heard or telling your stories.  You probably wonder why people don’t listen to you too hey?!

Is honesty the best policy?  Do we stand behind….”I’m just being honest” as an excuse to verbally assassinate someone?

You’re in a performance review and your Manager tells you that a couple of your colleagues think your ego walks in the door two hours before you do.  It’s ok though…. He’s “just being honest”.

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