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Communication expert Georgia Murch reveals the key to ending conflict with bosses, co-workers.

THEY are four common phrases we’ve probably all said at one point or another - but they could be holding your career back.

WHETHER it’s a horrible boss or a colleague you just can’t stand, conflict at work is pretty much inevitable. But according to communication specialist Georgia Murch, there are some surprisingly simple ways to manage that conflict — and get the outcome you want.

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The end of financial year is upon us and is loaded with challenges. Whether it’s preparing end of year reports, balancing bonuses’ to be paid, preparing for performance reviews, or trying to remain healthy through the mania, so you can recharge for the new financial year. Either way, there’s stuff to deal with and stuff to avoid.

Did you know that business training alone increases productivity by 22%?  But here’s the interesting bit…when individuals have a coach alongside them after the training, productivity increased by 88%.

From an outsiders point of view, Murch family dinners could be viewed by some people as ‘tension city’. For others, it represents an entertaining sparring match between passionate communicators. In our household, conflict was ok. Generally, it was how we got our point across. Yes sometimes with a little too much ‘verve’, but it’s what we knew.

So you suffer from a case of foot and mouth disease…. You should put your foot in your mouth before you speak.  You think you’re the only one.  Sorry to disappoint but one of the most graduated degrees is from Foot in Mouth University.  But what is less common is the art of an authentic apology.  Apologies are worth more than gold.

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Georgia is obsessed with the power of great communication. She knows how great communication leads to great collaboration and helps create outstanding cultures.


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