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Interview with Georgia Murch. Breakfast with Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah.

Listen to the interview clip here.

I’ve just finished reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I’ve been totally inspired and, also reminded of how every single decision, action or conversation makes a difference. Bigger than you think. 

A while back I wrote about that ‘Content and Intent is all you need’ when it comes to have conversations that make a big difference.  I want to explore this more and help us understand what WE might bring to our conversations or feedback that heads them south.

I received a phone call from the Head of People in a ‘funky’ tech business.  He asked me to come in and talk about how we could look at “transforming the culture”.  He came and met me at reception and walked me through the building.  We were doing the ‘small talk thing’ when we got to floor where the call centre was on.  Then I hear this loud and aggressive voice shout out; “How many times do I have to tell you?!  Read the bl^&dy script”.  I look over and there is a guy leaning over his desk, with his hands in the air, looking down and the woman who is leaning back with a scared timid face. 

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. It’s what all the progressive workplaces are talking about.  They know that when their people, their customers and their stakeholders are engaged that the results follow.  Attracting and retaining people is easier, customer relationships and sales thrive. There are less workplace claims and accidents, great ideas happen which increase productivity, innovation is actively driven and profits flow.

Leaders need to nip 'em in the bud

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It’s that time of the year again and you’re spending many early mornings and late nights preparing for your team members’ performance reviews. You’re filling in the endless rating systems, backing each number with an example, pulling together a list of strengths and weaknesses, discussing their performance with other colleagues and stakeholders as well as thinking about the feedback they may give you about your leadership – insert tentative face here.

Hands in the air if someone has not got back to you when they should have?  It may have been a job you applied for; an invitation to an event or party; asking someone out on a date (insert awkward face here); and my pet peeve - a client not getting back to you after you’ve worked on a proposal for them – that they asked for.  Breathe Georgia. 

It’s super exciting to start the year by letting you know that Matt has joined the team.  Matt brings great expertise in mediation, conflict management and positive psychology.

Just a short one today to ponder.  I love what Sarah Prevette, the founder of Future Design School, has to say about the creating innovative cultures.  She says that culture is the backbone of innovation and you can’t have innovation unless you are having the conversations.

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