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The smart, savvy and fast growing businesses are focused on setting up their people to get on with being clever; managing through the sheer pace of change; staying ahead of the market with new ideas; and attracting and keeping the brightest sparks.  So the question then becomes – how to navigate all of this as smoothly and productively as possible… and make great money?

Sometimes our nerves hold us back from moving forward.  In fact, we become so paralyzed by them that having those conversations, or giving the feedback, grips us and traps us in inaction.  This is when nerves are not good.  We are not taking a hold of them.  They are holding us.  But nerves can be used for good.  It’s up to us.

When you make judgments about people quickly those generalisations might be incorrect and they can also box you into an unhealthy way of thinking and building relationships with people.

Have you ever wondered why when the same data is presented to different people it can result in a myriad of perspectives?  You say tomatoe, I say tomato kind of thing.  How we interpret and receive information is unique to us as individuals.  

Some of you may have noticed from my previous blog that there’s a new look and feel.

Yep, I've done it, I’ve rebranded!

The end of financial year is upon us and is loaded with challenges. Whether it’s preparing end of year reports, balancing bonuses’ to be paid, preparing for performance reviews, or trying to remain healthy through the mania, so you can recharge for the new financial year. Either way, there’s stuff to deal with and stuff to avoid.

Did you know that business training alone increases productivity by 22%?  But here’s the interesting bit…when individuals have a coach alongside them after the training, productivity increased by 88%.

Building trust and respect in the workplace is a significant contributor to a high performing organisation.  The better the relationships, the more productive the workplace. We’ve heard it before. We know it!

Avoiding a tough conversation is like stepping over broken glass.  The mess won’t go away and it’s going to cut you.  It’s only a matter of time.

I’ve been working with people for over 20 years observing them avoid the tough conversations in the hope the issue will go away… so how’s that been working for you?

The good news is that you’re not alone!  You’re normal and it’s normal to prefer to scrub the roof tiles with a toothbrush or stick needles in your eyes instead. More than half of the workforce tend to avoid these difficult conversations.  The most common reasons Can We Talk? observes are;

The way some people are wired is that they need to be right (AKA Righties). Righties are continually on trial to prove that what they say, and what they do, is correct. They will often go to great lengths to demonstrate their ‘rightness’, including hurting people they love and respect. These people are not big on apologies as they don’t feel they are necessary or warranted. Yet some give them to keep the peace, even if they don’t mean it.

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