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Imagine if we chose to own our part of every conversation we have?

While the term ‘stay in your lane’ is not new, it first became known and real to me when I was a participant in a program called ‘Insight’ run by Bev McInnes.  Insight was a program aimed at understanding how our thinking and behaviours are affected by what has happened to us during our lives.

Oh no!  That moment when you realise there are things in your life that cause you stress or anxiety (big or small), and you are encouraging or even igniting them.

Continue reading at your own risk… of having to do something about it ;-)

We all have things that set us off when we are in a conversation.  Something that takes us from doing the smooth conversation waltz and into the awkward conversation staccato.  Sometimes we anticipate it before we’ve even spoken to the other person and other times it rushes like a tornado.  So what’s it all about?  What holds us back from keeping the conversation flowing like a well rehearsed dance? 

You know when you know something is right, yet you don’t do it?

You know when you have unhelpful thinking patterns, yet you don’t stop the rumination?

You know when your head tells you one thing, yet your mouth exposes another?

When you make judgments about people quickly those generalisations might be incorrect and they can also box you into an unhealthy way of thinking and building relationships with people.

So the Christmas season is meant to reflect family, love and happiness right?! But for many of us, it can be a difficult time. As a kid, I loved Christmas. I loved the carols, the parties, the family stuff, the love. After my Mum died over 11 years ago things changed. She was the glue of the family and as I soon came to realize, a lot of the merry of Christmas.

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