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It’s that time of the year again and you’re spending many early mornings and late nights preparing for your team members’ performance reviews. You’re filling in the endless rating systems, backing each number with an example, pulling together a list of strengths and weaknesses, discussing their performance with other colleagues and stakeholders as well as thinking about the feedback they may give you about your leadership – insert tentative face here.

iCommunication: The way forward for organisations

Georgia Murch explains how by ditching annual performance reviews, organisations can finally press their foot firmly on the accelerator - and achieve progress.

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Remarkable conversations are those that people can’t stop talking about. We remember the clarity, the ease and the great outcomes that come about. Often those people we have the most inspiring conversations with are also (unsurprisingly) the remarkable leaders of people, projects or ideas.

Wow! I’m so excited about my performance review. Said no one… ever!  Well not many anyway.

For most, performance reviews are becoming as exciting as a trip to the dentist – costly and painful and as effective as a pair of sunglasses for a blind man, if improving performance is the aim.

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Georgia is obsessed with the power of great communication. She knows how great communication leads to great collaboration and helps create outstanding cultures.


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