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My Mum Suzie was a strong independent woman.  She showed me how to stay strong. “Others have it so much worse than we do Georgia”; “There are so many kids out there that are not good at sport too”; “It doesn’t matter if you got a C.  You can try harder next time”; “You’re good. You’ll be fine”.

We need to measure the short and long term success of the training we run. The evaluation forms at the end of the day are not sufficient … at all. Do you measure the short and long term outcomes when you run the training and development of your people? Or do you hope for the best?

What if they decided on the reality TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’ to no longer measure the weight of the contestants before, during and at the end of the program? How would they know how they are really progressing? How would they know if they are doing better than their competitors? 

Do you think the viewers would be as motivated to stay tuned if there wasn’t a ‘weigh in’ each week or if it were all guesswork?  I’m tipping a big fat ‘No!’.  Yep pun intended ;-) 

I was working with a large finance organisation on a 12-month program to improve the internal service that the IT department was delivering. We were focused on how they build relationships through the work they do, that is, the ‘soft skills’. 

Years ago, I flipped from yoga going to Bikram yoga. I have no idea what I was thinking: 26 poses repeated twice in 40-degree heat for 90 minutes. Hello?!?

Each class was exactly the same - same poses, same sequence, same instructions from the teacher, everything exactly the same. Of course, I thought I would learn the techniques pretty quickly. I thought I’d be cracking out a standing ‘head to knee’ while waiting in line at the airport. Yeah, right.

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