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Interview with Georgia Murch. Breakfast with Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah.

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Shoot straight and aim high

In an industry chock full of feel-good philosophers, straight talking Georgia Murch is teaching businesses how to tell it like it is.

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Many people think that we need to soften the content in a conversation for the other person to be able to receive it.  That is, I should talk around the issue so it’s not too confronting.

Hmmm is a small word with a BIG impact.  It has the power to calm us down.  It has the power to reframe our thinking.  It’s a bit like an ‘Ommm’ that we often start a yoga class with.  It gets us focused, calms us down and restores our inner peace.   

The F word

Today Extra television interview of Georgia Murch. Hosted by Sonia Kruger and Ben Fordham.

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Who has been on the receiving end of a conversation with someone who has a powerful pose?  A pose that is strong and exudes confidence? Or on the other side you are trying to speak to someone who acts as the timid mouse?  Both of these ‘stances’ have a different affect on how we interact with each other. 

Why do we continue to ignore feedback in our businesses even though we know how useful it is?

Most organisations and individuals understand the value and power of giving and receiving feedback. We are aware it builds trust and respect between our employees, customers and stakeholders. We know that great conversations lead to better outcomes and therefore productivity and profit.

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Seven steps to help tough conversations run smoothly

The key to ensuring a tough conversation or feedback session runs smoothly is preparing before the event, according to a communication expert.

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Georgia is obsessed with the power of great communication. She knows how great communication leads to great collaboration and helps create outstanding cultures.


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