Embrace the naysayers

How frustrating can it be when you’ve got the ‘yeah but’ people in the room? The ones that just want to tell you how it could and will go wrong. Like they’ve got a crystal ball. 

Well, here’s an idea. Create space to listen to them. Like intentionally. To ask them to be explicit about what could go wrong.

It’s what’s called a pre-mortem. We plan things that will fail, the project, the idea, the strategy. Then work backwards and plan to avoid it. Do an autopsy before the event not just the retro after.

And who will be your best thinkers on this? Yep, the naysayers.

We embrace the naysayers. And say the nay before they do.

What are the people in the room or on the zoom nervous about, think might get in the way of success or even want to sabotage? Don’t hide from these objections. Embrace them and you could even name them before they do.

It might be they believe they don’t have time, or the resources, or the capability. Let’s discuss these beliefs so we can deal with them. 

  • Ask them what can go wrong
  • Discuss the blockers
  • Let them know what you are aware of that could be a challenge

Ignoring them is just blowing air on to a fire. They have gems of info that will help us understand what could go wrong. Their objections won’t go away so we might as well deal with them and even learn from them. And they will feel heard. 

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