Evolve or dissolve is not an either or

I fall trap to binary thinking.  So when I saw the quote; ‘Evolve or Dissolve’in my social media feed I thought; “(Expletive) yeah!”. That made so much sense to me. That if you don’t keep working on yourself then you will melt away into a muddy pile ridden with emotional disease that means you will struggle to connect with yourself and the universe. Well ok maybe not that strong but you see where I was coming from.


My journey has been that as I keep working through my reactions to others and to myself then more peace comes my way. But that doesn’t mean it’s not without pain. So it made sense that unless you do that, you may struggle through life. Of course, life is not black and white nor does one person’s story mean it will be another’s. It’s taking so friggin’ long to get wise I tell you. And when you think you’re starting to work things out (ahhh the arrogance) then a curve ball comes your way.


I was in yoga this Sunday. Sunday is my favourite class because Monique takes it. And it starts at 8am which is always nice for a Sunday sleep in. Her classes are strong and her instruction is clear and often wise. This week she talked about the power of staying in a pose until the pain dissolves. When you are holding your body weight up against gravity that doesn’t quite work. She was referring to the stretches at the end of the class.


She said that in order for our body to evolve into the stretch, the pain needs to dissolve. And to do that we need to sit in the pain (or discomfort is more what she meant) until our muscles stretch into it. It’s then that they evolve. Dissolve to evolve.


That moment reminded me of how we need to do the same when it comes to our emotional evolution. When something that’s happened to us is still painful then running from it won’t fix it. Sitting with it until it loses it power and evolves us into a new space is the challenge. If it’s something that you are deeply ashamed about; Brene Brown has shown us that the antidote to shame and emotional pain is vulnerability.


What do you need to sit in over this holiday break so it no longer owns you.  What do you need to dissolve to evolve?