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Georgia's insight has opened a new avenue to the business
which has now taken us in a direction we could not have seen without her considerable input.

Anthony Parton, Managing Director, Delcore Asset Management



One of Georgia’s favourite things she loves is to work with executive teams and facilitate strategy and planning sessions. Or resolve big ticket items for the team and business. Georgia knows that bringing people together costs time and money so we need to make sure they are highly valuable, worthwhile and build the team in the process.

In these facilitation sessions Georgia will help you;

  • Understand the purpose of bringing the group together and set clear objectives
  • Create agreements on best way to coordinate the time and resources
  • Create a platform so your people can get on with clever thinking
  • Capture the thinking and ideas and probe when needed
  • Develop the ‘what next’ to make the day has clear next steps and accountabilities

About Georgia

Georgia is obsessed with the power of great communication. She knows how great communication leads to great collaboration and helps create outstanding cultures.


Email: justine@georgiamurch.com

Phone: 0407 158 620

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