FREE WEBINAR: Creating the conditions for healthy conflict in teams

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Our relationship to conflict significantly underpins the success of any team, relationship and even marriage. Our ability to speak up or down to people, or not at all, can make or break success. Unhealthy conflict means we get stuck. Then we stop listening, keep defending or sign off.

Whether you, and your team, don’t use your voice as much as you could, or use it in an unhelpful way – we need to learn how to do conflict well. So we can think together, work together and create agreements on how to move forward, in the day to day.

When we don’t deal with it, it creates an unsafe workplace where people disengage, or leave, projects miss deadlines or even fail, absenteeism increases, sales opportunities are lost including clients and productivity drops significantly. It’s not good. Cy Wakeman calculates workplace drama alone as taking an average 2.5 hours per day. Now that’s expensive.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn the role that conflict plays in teams
  • Understand what gets in the way of people and teams doing it well
  • Become aware of what it takes to foster healthy conflict and successful teams

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