Georgia Transforms Organisations

Georgia Transforms Organisations

Fixing Feedback


Giving and received good feedback is one of the best lessons a leader can learn. While many try, too often their intentions don’t translate to positive actions in the workplace. Indeed, when delivered badly, negative feedback can do incredible damage to trust and respect.

Georgia shows; when we focus on training our people properly; when we take the time to implement great processes and systems; when we embed the learning; when we take the time to assess and reframe what is working and what is not; we create genuine positive change – for the individual and for the business.

By fixing feedback, your organisation will:

  • Eliminate dependence on the formal performance management
  • Significantly improve productivity
  • Create a culture of accountability and commitment
  • Teach individuals to own their own development
  • Become a serious ‘great place to work’ to attract and retain employees and customers



Remarkable Teams


Building outstanding teams does not happen by accident. A high performance leader is made more effective when they are surrounded by a high performance team. To make this happen, the whole team needs to be involved.

This program gives leaders and teams the foundation skills needed to create a remarkable team culture.

Teams will:

  • Recognise the attributes of high performing teams
  • Become aware of their team strengths to ensure these are amplified
  • Develop a unique ‘team charter’ to focus on driving high performance
  • Establish clear measurements to assess the success
  • Build individual agreements and plans to work towards success


Thought Leadership


Georgia works with corporations to take them from subject matter experts to thought leaders in their field. She also works with individuals who want to build a commercial practice around their thought leadership. And she finds new opportunities for small business owners looking for growth and a competitive advantage.

For corporations wanting to be thought leaders. This program shows how they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and become market leaders in their field by choosing a new approach to marketing and talent development.

This in-house program works for organisations looking for a more sophisticated way of marketing, attracting, retaining, rewarding and developing talent. It leverages your best and brightest. The program shows the power of taking a select few and turning them into super stars. It details how they can capture, package and share their ideas so they and your organisation are seen as thought leaders in your industry.

Go to to understand how the program works for organisations. Download white paper here.


For business owners who want to grow. The program shows how a long term, sustainable and fast growth marketing strategy is possible. This mentoring program will show you how you can capture, package and share your unique intellectual property to give you a significant competitive advantage.

This program will help you position yourself and your business as a thought leader in your field, significantly increasing sales and market awareness.

For individuals who want to build their own future. This program helps them earn money doing the things they love. If you know your stuff but want to be more widely known for knowing your stuff, this program is for you. It details how to how capture, package and sell your ideas, so you can do the work you love, with people you like, the way you want to do it and to earn an optimal income doing so.

The program takes people from being an expert in something to being a ‘known expert’ in your industry and beyond.

Georgia is an accredited mentor of Thought Leaders Global.