Get your FREE trial of our NEW online feedback program

You know that moment when you have been designing something for what feels like ages, invested a truckload of time and money and you just need it to be really good? Yeah me too. Well, I am pleased to report that our new online program – Feedback that doesn’t suck! is not s&^t! It’s bloody awesome. And I don’t even swear in it.

And we want you to have a little taste of it before it’s even launched. There are 3 modules:

       1. Building your feedback muscle. Designed to reduce the fear we have around giving feedback and giving you the tools to be able nip things in the bud. It is full of light bulb moments about why we get it wrong and how easy it is to be better.

       2. What triggers you off? This one is all about you. It helps you understand how you respond when stressed, what are your actual triggers and how you can rewire better in the moment and the long term. It’s a ripper!

       3. Navigating the tough conversations. There are some conversations that require a clever game plan. We learn how to prepare for these here. Both our content and our intent. After this you will feel lighter about leaning into the tough ones.

So, take a sneak peek on us by clicking this link. You will get access to three videos and three worksheets from each of the above modules. You’ll soon  get the gist of how it rolls.

The whole program is only weeks away. We are so pumped to do the big reveal. 

It’s designed for individuals but can be used in teams and across the whole organisation. How cool is that?

Hope you like the taster. Wait until you see the whole program.