How much did you love the seesaw?

I’ve been thinking about how we simplify leading a LOT in the past 18 months. God knows we don’t need more complex thinking or doing. And it’s a lot like riding a seesaw.

I grew up in Beaumaris, Victoria. Like any great childhood, where you played outside until it was dark or you heard your Mum yelling your name, I loved going to the playground. My favourite was the seesaw. I loved it because it involved playing with someone else. Loved the feeling when my friend would hit the ground hard and bump me into the air up high. I loved trying to get it to balance on each end and try and stay there for as long as we could. But I mostly loved trying to bump the other person off (if I could). Says a lot about my youthful character really.

Workplaces can be a lot like a seesaw. Highs and lows, trying to get the balance and sometimes tipping people off. So can leading or managing.

So answer this one. Do you want to be in a business that has good relationships or good results? Too often we feel need to pick. And it’s not because there isn’t good intention. It’s because we haven’t quite worked out how to get the balance right.

The seesaw of leading is where your focus is. This can change. Early 2021 the world was asking us to shift to focusing on each other and our wellbeing. It’s what my dear friend, and author of Ferocious Warmth, Tracey Ezard would call ‘Professional Intimacy’. A determined focus on really seeing and knowing the people you work with. Not their tasks or their workplace, but them.

And we pivoted. Yep I said it (doing a little sick in my mouth). And we needed to make the most of the situation we were in so we set up systems and processes to get results in a new world and a new way of working.

If we just focus on results, you get disengaged people.
If we just focus on people, you get little results.

We need a determined focus on both. But it can ebb and flow. Sometimes we are at one end of the seesaw and other times we move to the other.

Leadership is more relational.
Management is more results.

Where is your focus now? Is it serving the people around you?

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