How often should we have 1on1s?

#5 Kickarse catch up series

If we want to create kickarse catch ups with our people we need to know 2 simple things. They need to be high quality and the right quantity. 

If we don’t do them regularly then that can become demotivating. So, the question becomes; How often to have these and how long should they be?

When Deloittes moved from a performance-based culture to a check in culture, the initiative led by their Global HRD Alec Bashinsky, they had some pretty significant revelations. They moved from performance reviews every 6 months to more regular catch ups.

After 6 months of implementing their ‘check in culture’ the evidence was clear when it came to how engaged their people were. When they had monthly check ins overall engagement increased by 19%. You’d take that right?! That’s amazing. 

When they had fortnightly check ins engagement grew by 27%. But there was a staggering 44% increase in engagement when the checks ins were weekly.

But they didn’t just change the systems of people catching up. They really invested in teaching, coaching and growing the Managers to deliver high calibre catch ups. And they gave people autonomy to choose how often they wanted to have these high impact, informal conversations.  This was about the quality.

Now Deloittes is not a small organisation and with 250,000 employees this was no small feat. But the results spoke for themselves.

How often we catch up with our people + the quality of those conversations matter. 

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