I just got my 360 feedback results

This week I am excited to become certified in the Leadership Circle Profile. It’s a magical tool to help people understand their impact and drivers. I am really pumped. Part of the process is to complete the tool yourself. So I asked 14 people who have worked with me as peers, direct reports, managers and clients to share their experience of my style and the impact is has.

I purposely chose people who know my head, and my heart, and would be brave enough to share the areas that I still need to develop. And they did!

So News Flash! I’ve still got work to do. Yeah der.

One of the things that I have learned through my own Flawsome journey is the power of accepting your flaws. Not hiding from them. Knowing that  without them – you wouldn’t be you. So it was going to be interesting about how I reacted to the feedback.

I also know that the best leaders are those that have a solid relationship to feedback. Jack Jenger published a study that said that those leaders who responded well to feedback were seen as the top 10 percentile of leaders voted by their peers and teams. So if we have a healthy relationship to learning we are rated by our colleagues. That’s pretty cool but for most harder said than done.

So here it is. Flaws and all.

The good stuff is that I can distil complex issues quickly, I am strategic and commercial. I genuinely and deeply care for people around me, that everyone’s ideas matter and I am always curious about who they are and why they believe what they do. I include my team in all of the business and they feel a part of its success. I am great at challenging assumptions and getting to the core of the issue. I am committed to my own evolution and self-aware about who I am and the impact that has. Good and bad even if I don’t admit it in the moment.

And now for the stuff that we all want to read first and then stew on; the gaps.

I need to give less unsolicited advice (ironic considering it’s my expertise) and pick my times when the situation is political. I need to give people time to come on the journey (not at my pace) and reduce expectations that they should operate the same way. I would benefit from being conscious that my direct style can be challenging for some and continue to work on this. Soften my delivery when suggesting an idea or opinion and know that my confidence can come across as ‘being right’ and contrary. Ouch!

The piece I really loved is that people see me as the same person at work that I am at home. Authentic and real, open hearted and when I’m not being right, open minded. Oh and people like my humour. I’m happy with that considering I’m not always necessarily appropriate ;).

Bob Anderson who designed the Leadership Circle says that; ‘If you want to go higher, you must go deeper’. I love and agree with this. If you want to move forward and better in life you will need to go deeper into understanding yourself.

I believe this and have seen this in my own life. Doing the work on yourself is key. Being open to feedback from those in your life is an essential part of the process. Yes it might hurt but without this information you will only have your perspective and it keeps us in a space of same.

Yes the feedback was disappointing. Only because I have it measured on expectations that I created myself. To be good at everything. WTF! What I am proud of, is that the feedback was on point and I know this about myself. I am not hiding or denying or blaming someone else for who I am. I am flawsome!

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