Indulge and give back

It’s been a big year for all of us in some way. And the consistent I am hearing from my clients and mates is that  they are crawling over the finish line of 2020. I thought this week I’d share two businesses that I love for gift buying (Christmas is of course looming) but more so for a lil bit of self-indulgence, or maybe for a mate that’s exhausted and you want to send a self-care treat to. Both ‘The Body Shop’ and ‘Lush’ pride themselves on their vegan, environmentally sustainable and cruelty free products. Plus some of the Body Shops proceeds go towards supporting women and girls in the third world to obtain jobs through a Community Fair Trade programme.  So, if you wanna treat yourself or someone you love, and also make a difference with your purchase check these guys out – sounds like a good deal to me 😉