I’ve got a new keynote!

It’s so exciting we are in event and conference land again. The in-person ones I mean. 

So I’ve designed a new keynote that responds to something we have all been experiencing with each other in the past few years. We are getting less feedback and we are not responding as well as we used to. Well, you and I are, of course, it’s the ‘other people’ that need to hear this message. 

The ‘What triggers me off’ keynote is a fabulous way for people to learn about why feedback is getting harder to hear and what we can do about it.

Here’s a lil’ clip of yours truly in action recently so you can get a sense of how fun we can make learning and how easy it can be to inspire people into action.

I’ve also taken my ‘Feedback that doesn’t suck!’ keynote to the next level. Packed with more interactive experiences and laugh-out-louds.

Here’s a link to my new Speaker Kit which gives you all the juicy details about both of these keynotes and how we can work together.

If you want to come to any of my free online events, have a look here and book in.

I hope we can play together in 2024 and beyond. If you want to know more or book something then contact angie@canwetalk.co. I am probably waving my keynote goodness somewhere.