Keynote Speaking

High energy, inspiring and super pragmatic, Georgia puts passion on the podium.

An incredible communicator in her own right, she is an inspiring speaker that challenges audiences to become better versions of themselves, their workplaces and their homes.

You may have heard of an ‘unconference’ that replaces the conventional structured program of events with free-flowing ideas and conversations. Georgia likes to do the same with her keynotes. Whilst she can do the pre-prepared content to inspire and delight, she finds that audiences love being in the driver’s seat. This is where they get to decide what they want to hear and learn.

Georgia sets the scene about why it’s important and then lets the audience decide what they want to know. It’s fun, interactive and meets people where they are at.

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Keynote Topics

See details of Georgia’s keynote topics below. Each talk is tailored to suit the client, event or audience. Read what our past clients have had to say.

Feedback that doesn’t suck!

Let’s face it. We are not awesome at feedback. It’s not something we tend to get excited about giving or receiving. It might not be through lack of trying though. Sometimes we avoid it, sometimes the real content is hidden under a rock or sometimes we are so fierce with it that we need to clean up the emotional wake that we have left behind.

We don’t need more evidence that feedback grows teams, workplaces, and humans. What we need is to understand why we don’t do it or do it poorly. We all have irrational and unfounded fears that hold us back from having useful conversations. In this funny and inspiring talk, Georgia will help us understand what gets in the way of us stepping into those moments and how we can even look forward to them in the future.

‘If you want to bring energy into a room then call Georgia. At our national conference, she challenged us to all embrace feedback as the way to improve individual performance. With a lot of laughs on the way’.

Steven Johnson, CEO, ProVision

What gets in the way of teams ‘Working as One’?

Let’s state the blooming obvious. Work and life are changing at an exceptional rate. This means the people we are working with, and for, have increasing expectations. How we work and connect with each other needs an upgrade.

In this talk, Georgia helps leaders and teams understand where we are getting stuck in old ways of working, hoping for new ways of thinking. We identify the obstacles that get in the way of sluggish or ‘nice’ cultures and become aware of what we need to learn and do for them to become kickarse. This practical and research backed keynote will leave people understanding what they need to do to help create the kickarse cultures that others want to work in.

We engaged Georgia to deliver a ‘Feedback That Doesn’t Suck’ keynote at our annual leadership conference. Georgia was fantastic (no pun intended) she delivered an entertaining and pragmatic keynote that left our leaders feeling inspired and confident. Our leaders rated Georgia as the top speaker at the conference.”


Samantha Mueller, Head of Learning and Development, Fantastic Furniture

“Georgia delivered a fantastic keynote to over 200 product managers at our annual product camp conference.

She took a normally cynical audience on an interactive journey to confront some of assumptions and fears about feedback. Her disarming style, energy and humour kept the audience engaged, despite being at the end of a long day of conference sessions.”


Steve Bauer, Head of Product at Ocean Software

“Georgia was integral to the successful delivery of our Recognition Project at Envato. Most importantly, her keynote speech at our “all company” event was a ripping success! Georgia brought the energy we needed to really kickstart the project and get people on board. She delivered a presentation that spoke directly to what we were aiming to achieve with a perfect blend of fun, facts and candour! We loved her so much we’re already planning other events with her!”


Rebecca Covington, Organisational Development, Envato

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