My son is not handing in his schoolwork

Jacko is doing Year 11 and one Year 12 subject – Methods (Maths) which has 2 exams. He decided not to hand in his final project for Media Studies. He made a decision to put his energy into the exams that do count for VCE (Year 12). Methods and Accounting which he needs to know for the Year 12 Accounting.

I found out that he didn’t hand it in when I got an email from his teacher. He went on the ‘ask for forgiveness, not permission’ theory.

If he had subscribed to the rules of school, he had to hand it in because the school said that it’s part of his Year 11 results. They are not wrong. Jacko decided that wasn’t a good enough reason or best use of this time.

I am not advocating rebellion here and but I am open to a good argument. Jacko advocates; ‘Why do I need to do it if it won’t make a difference to my VCE final score’? He did the subject during the year. Learned the content. So why waste time on a Powerpoint preso consolidating it all.

Jacko is not defined by what the school thinks and to some degree even his parents. He’s nearly an adult and living by his own rules. Can’t say that I disagree with him either.

The thing is we have access to some content from amazing teachers these days. Past and present. Ghandi, Brene Brown, Tic Nah Han, Obama, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou,Jay Shetty (he’s my new fav) and even the people in our world who may be our family, our friends and work colleagues.

People offer great advice about a smarter way, a happier way, a better way to live and do life. And the cool thing is that we get to choose to listen and act on their advice or not. That’s great thing about having a free will right?! Yet as we lose our innosence we fall trap to living rules that often don’t serve us.

As kids we run around naked in the grass with the sprinklers on, we wear clothes that don’t match, we say things that don’t make sense, we talk to strangers like we know them. We explore and run free. Then as we grow into our adolescence we become conscious of the world we live in. The world that creates ‘rules’ around how we should dress, eat, dance, work and hold our knife and fork. And we believe them. We believe ads on social media that our teeth are not white enough so we decide our teeth and no longer satisfactory. Or a sexual partner says we should really be more open to exploring things so we decide we need to do that.

We chose to believe them so we can be enough. Not just for ourselves but to please everyone else and their rules. This is where we form an image of perfection. One created by ourselves alone.

I love Don Miguel and his son Don Jose’s perspective on perfection in The Fifth Agreement. That we are perfect. And Thic Nah Han, Jesus, Byron Katie and many others will agree. It’s our beliefs that we chose that get in the way of this. The saying; ‘No ones perfect’. I say pfffft. We are. We just don’t know how to believe it yet. We are blinded by lies we choose to agree to.

If Hitler believed that he was enough then would he have needed to create and control a new world? If we knew that who we were was perfect would racism or homophobia exist? If we knew we were enough would we need all these conditions around University and grading. I don’t reckon and I know it’s utopia but it’s a great conversation nonetheless.

So yes we can create new rules, like Jacko, that serve our purpose better. We just need to keep in mind we have to live in the consequences of them and think about whether it will hurt others around us.

Thanks for the reminder Jacko. Just let me know before the email next time 😉