OMG not International Women’s Day again!

There seems to be a day for bloomin’ everything right?! National Sorry Day, International Day of Happiness, and World Day Against Child Labour to name a few.

If you see them and let them roll by like the wind, or even do a little eye roll, then you are not alone. I have done so in the past. It may be done through overwhelm, ignorance or there’s just too many to care about. I get it. What I am learning is that the education of why they are here is as important as the celebration.

Today is International Women’s Day. I didn’t grow up being conscious that I had lesser opportunities than men.  (PS. I am very aware this day, by its very words excludes the LGBTQIA+ community) but stay with me. I just went for things like jobs, and opportunities at work and pay rises not being aware that my gender was an issue – for others. Blissful ignorance they call it.

Then I started listening to my girlfriends and their experiences. And their passion for creating equality in all spaces. Thank you, Angie, Bec and Charlotte to name a few. But when they first started ‘banging on’ (yep that’s what I called it) about how much change needs to occur, I started learning. Opening my eyes and ears. I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know.  

To acknowledge causes doesn’t mean we need to own their pain or even understand it. My friend Cory Muscara, author of ‘Stop Missing Your Life’ has a beautiful perspective 

“This does not mean you need to have experienced the same degree of pain or trauma as the person you’re holding space for in order to meet them there”.

Whether it’s today, a day to celebrate the incredible women out there paving the way for a better place like Rosie Batty, Grace Tame and Tara Banks. Yes, we still have far to go. And there are other causes like bias in the LGBTQIA+ community, racism, the floods in our own home land, cruelty against animals and child sex trafficking. 

If you wanted to combine two causes at once to educate yourself about; the theme of Australia’s International Women’s Day is: Changing Climates. Did you know that Climate disasters have been shown to increase gender-based violence? Me neither. There’s something to get curious about.

We all live in our own bubble. And there is only so much we can care about, right?! My lil’ plea today is just that you educate yourself. Not overwhelm. It’s not your responsibility to fix the world. But caring about it feels like a reasonable start. It will grow your empathy and compassion and reduce your ignorance and bubble.

That’s when we do life together. When we work as one.