OMG OMG OMG it’s here! The official launch!

We told you it was coming and now it’s here. An online program that’s not s^%t! It’s bite size chunks of pragmatic learning to help you give feedback that doesn’t suck!

Surprisingly, it’s called – ‘Feedback that doesn’t suck!’. Crazy stuff.

It’s 3 modules of learning goodness with yours truly. Content written and designed for new starters where you want to make sure they learn the foundation of any high-performance team through to large-scale rollouts for all staff to create a feedback culture.

And it’s bloody good, if I do say so myself. I don’t even swear in it.

Module 1 is Building your feedback muscle. It helps you rewire your fear of feedback and gives you the tools and techniques to nip those feedback moments ‘in the bud’. The good stuff and the gaps.

Module 2 is What triggers you off? Learning to respond well to feedback and conflict is equally important. We learn what triggers us and what to do about it. To build better relationships with others, and ourselves.

Module 3 is Navigating the tough stuff. Those trickier conversations that have higher stakes. We learn to prepare for them and manage them when, or if, they go south.

Have a sticky beak in here if you want to know more or reach out to Angie Douglas, our GM, who is all over pricing and options to use the content.

You can even have a lil’ free trial to see if the content would work well for you or your people. Same link as above – just look for the button that says ‘click here for your free sample’. Easy, right?

We love that this means more people can access better tools, to talk to people, not about people. 

Yours in making feedback so much easier than you think. Like really.