OMG this is so cool. We know why we are here!

We had a team planning day last week. To map out what we want for our lives, our careers and the Can We Talk business for 2022. It was so good!

When I first started in 2013, I was clear on what I was doing. Running programs to fix workplace problems. I didn’t feel like I needed a defined purpose. Until this year. Until we expanded with a team of 5 incredible humans who facilitate our programs.

I had this yearning to be clear on what Simon Sinek calls your ‘why’ or our ‘North Star’. What are we here to do?  To be clear on what motivates us to get up in the morning.

I became even more inspired by knowing our purpose when I was interviewing Zach Kitschke, Chief Marketing Officer of Canva, for my new book Culture Killers (yes blatant plug). Zach was one of the early days employees and says they have remained strong on their mission.

Canva are clear on why they exist; ‘To empower the world to design’. This permeates what they do every day. Whether it’s making the tool easy to use, no matter your age, experience, language or location. Just… so…cool.

So we, at Can We Talk, are now super clear on why we get up every day. On what our mission is. As a group of people. For us to lean in to.

We create cultures where people love being at work.

So simple. So clear. And exactly what we aspire to. Will everyone love being at work? Maybe not. But this is our aspiration. And we design programs where this is highly possible. If you don’t want to settle for good.

Are you clear on your purpose? Does it inspire your people? Does it inspire you?

Creating a kickarse culture needs to inspire people to work towards something they connect with. It’s important.

PS – If you loved this then you might just be super keen to learn about our kickarse culture program ‘Working as One’. Send me a note if you’d like to have a chat or click HERE to register for our final Working as One online event this year.