Online Feedback Program

A three part series loaded with tips and techniques to managing difficult conversations.

Online learning can be hard. According to marketing legend Seth Godin only 95% of participants complete their online learning experience. We are aware of this so Georgia has designed a program that:

Is learning in bite sized chunks

Has a highly pragmatic application on your real-life issues

Has a community that you can connect with and learn from

Helps you get your job done more easily

Is not s&^t!

The feedback that doesn’t suck program is a three-part series where you will:

Team seminar with a man with his hand in the air

Understand why we personally avoid or poorly handle conversations with others

Become aware of how we respond feedback and learn to manage ourselves better in the moment

Be able to prepare well for the small or larger conversations to avoiding them going south

Develop techniques to keep the conversations safe and get them back on track

Grow our confidence to lean into feedback moments and know what we are saying matters

Why do it?

We think there is a trust crisis right now. People don’t trust what companies market to us, what politician tell us and whether promises will come true. One way to increase trust is to build our ability to have the conversations we need to have, to give feedback in the moment and to react well to when people give it to us.

We also know that the world is not getting better at talking with each other but talking too each other. We are not getting the feedback we need to grow, we are not listening well to others perspectives to make better decisions and our stress levels are rising because we are not talking stuff out.

Without conversation there is no relationship.
The better the conversations, the better the relationships.
If we want to get things done, it’s one conversation at a time.

Who’s it for?

Don’t you hate it when people say – everyone. But yeah, to be a cliché – most employees. The program takes into account we all have different cultural backgrounds, different roles and levels of education and experience.

It ignores the notion that we need to a different way to prepare for levels of hierarchy, whether conversations are internal or external, that we need to adapt for different personality styles and makes things different from work to home. These skills can be applied across all role types, industries and circumstances. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years. We know this to be true.

This program has your name on it if you are;

Someone who plays nice and avoids talking about issues

Can be seen to be abrupt or too direct

Are aware that your emotional reactions may be greater than they need to be

Looking to get more stuff done and get back more time

Wanting to learn skills to become a better friend, leader or partner

Want to level up in how you collaborative and communicate

This program is GOLD DUST. Georgia has managed to capture the highly unique and impactful ‘Feedback doesn’t suck’ that she delivers in person into an online learning program. Everything in this program is engaging, insightful and built in a way that creates so many ‘A-Ha’ moments. Feedback doesn’t suck’ delivers Georgia’s brilliant and pragmatic story telling skills, expertise and no BS approach to helping people get better at giving and receiving feedback at work and in life. It’s a game changer for how to create better conversations and relationships. Highly recommend!

Kelly Kirby, Principles Practices, Learning & Change Lead at Atlassian

Georgia and her team are not only consummate professionals, they have created a program that finds a great balance between being no nonsense and highly practical while also being kind and compassionate. Their insight and content focuses on developing a healthy feedback culture, with an organisation wide emphasis to bring about systemic change. The leaders who have fully engaged with the online and workshop content have reported that they have found it hugely beneficial and it has built their confidence to provide feedback and hold tough conversations. This is a program worth rolling out, I strongly recommend it!

Haydee Toltz, Senior Partner Leadership and Organisational Development at NSW EPA 

Georgia was relaxed, clear and professional in her delivery which made it really easy to watch the modules
Loved how the modules were short and sweet. The navigation pane was easy to go back to so you could skip ahead or back if required. I liked the meerkat, magpie cartoons. Nice that it’s GM’s ‘brand’. Easily identifiable.
I really liked the story telling element and how personable GM was and is. This is her brand but cannot be undersold in how great this part is.

Alice Rugg, Change and Capability Partner at Pitcher Partners

What a privilege it has been to access and learn from the ‘Feedback that doesn’t suck!’ modules. The videos are great to watch, to the point, and the worksheets are a great support. It has assisted me in providing clear content and checking my intent. They have given me greater confidence in providing feedback. Recent comments from my business partners have supported a noticeable change in my delivery of feedback and receiving of feedback.

Laura Green, Head of People & Resourcing Manager at Bupa Australia

Georgia’s pragmatic and honest approach to feedback is an essential skill to having conversations that matter. This three part series has helped me to build further confidence and capability to lean into conversations and talk to the issue in a clear and kind way. So get cracking, jump in and embrace your inner Meerkat

Erin Clarke, Human Resources Director at Moet Hennessy

Couldn’t have implemented such a positively received integrated program without the willingness and support from you Georgia and your fab team. We have a easily digestible, real and relatable set of frames and thoughtful videos to help us as we grow our feedback culture. Big thanks.

Erin Torsello, Director Capability and Talent at NSW EPA

The program, “Feedback That Doesn’t Suck” is certainly a program that doesn’t suck – in fact, it’s fantastic! The content is not only insightful but also very practical whilst all delivered with Georgia’s engaging style. This program will be suitable for anyone who is new to the workforce right up to the most senior levels. Most of us find providing and receiving constructive feedback uncomfortable but it is such feedback that helps us all grow and helps our workplace cultures thrive – and this program is incredibly helpful in overcoming that discomfort and preparing to provide and receive feedback effectively. Highly recommend

Yvette Mandaras, CPO at VGW

Once I commenced the online program, I simply couldn’t stop listening to it! I found Georgia’s approach very pragmatic and practical. No fluff and direct, perfect for the busy executive! The ‘sound bits’ are short, sharp and efficient. The tips and ticks are easy to follow and given that part of the program encourages the participant to become engaged by writing their own narrative, examples and application to their ‘here and now’, by the end of the program, I knew exactly what to do, when and the best approach to take. I love the playfulness behind the messaging, as well as the softness in Georgia’s approach, yet targeted to get it done in the most empathetic yet productive way. Georgia provides a ‘humanistic’ approach to becoming a better person, both professionally and personally, helping us to foster and grow our relationships, built on honesty, trust and empathy.

Claudia Haeger, Executive Leader at Tennis Vic

Feedback that doesn’t suck addresses the thoughts and feelings I have in my mind but am sometimes to worried to say out loud. I learnt about some practical strategies to assist in my own feedback journey, one thing that stood out was little changes we make have the biggest impact on others.

Shauna McLean, Leader of Capability, Leadership and Inclusion at TelstraSuper

Not only working and learning with Georgia was engaging and inspiring, the ‘Feedback that Doesn’t Suck!’ program is a cut above the rest. The content and delivery method is of the times, easy to work through, and ‘actually’ useful. I would highly recommend to any person or company looking to invest in their leaders, nailing the art of feedback is key, and Georgia’s program and approach hits the nail on the head.

Kiah Hunter, Learning & Development I Environment Regulatory Practice at NSW EPA

LOVING Georgia Murch’s latest online course “Feedback that Doesn’t Suck Program” so far. Super well produced videos, easy to digest content and powerful self-analysis models as well as easy to implement tools to get my feedback skills instantly jedi-like. Brilliant!

Rachel Sparkes, Head of P&C at Enable

This course has taken us from feedback-phobic to feedback enthusiasts. While we’d done tons of reading and team discussion on feedback, we couldn’t see what was truly holding us back from providing and receiving the kind of feedback that makes us a better team. Georgia addresses these things from the very first session, and gave us a clear framework for how to work with each other and with our clients. I’m already seeing a difference in the level of care, respect, and clarity with which we communicate.

Orphelie LeChat, Client Success Lead at Integrity

What will you get?

The keys to life! OK, so too far. But the content you will learn and the confidence you will develop is not just work skills, it’s life skills. There’s a hashtag in there somewhere. There are three modules, 37 videos and 10 worksheets, to be completed in order:

Module 1 – Building your feedback muscle

  • Discuss and address what gets in the way of us giving feedback
  • Understand the balance of positive and negative feedback to create a high-performance team
  • Learn how to have those ‘in the moment’ conversations that build trust and respect

Module 2 – What triggers me off

  • Understand how we respond to stress and the role we play in conflict
  • Assess our triggers and understand where they come from
  • Create ways of learning from the past to rewire how we respond better in the future

Module 3 – Navigating the tough conversations

  • Learn how to prepare for those more difficult situations or conversations
  • Understand our intent walking into the conversation and rewire to one that serves us and the other person
  • Build some techniques to manage the moment when things go south

Train the trainer

Want your internal L&D experts to run post-program clinics to embed the learning?

No problem. We can work with your internal team in a ‘Train the Trainer’ format. This means that after participants complete our online program, they attend a short ‘coaching clinic’ (online or in person). The clinic is focused on:


Cementing the concepts so everyone has a common language


Embedding what they have learned so it’s not just something to watch


Building trust with each other through practice and honesty

These mini workshops are game changers! We can train your people to deliver these. They just need some facilitation experience and a passion for the content and the difference it will make.

Are you keen? Awesome!
Find more info here