Our only FREE workplace culture program for 2024

It’s time for us to give back. One organisation at a time. Making the world a better place is important to us at canwetalk.co. We always want to make sure we are not doing lip service to what’s important to us. So we are kicking off our inaugural (I’ve always wanted to use that word) no charge, kickarse workplace culture program for 2024.

We know that not-for-profits do significant work. Often with limited budgets and resources. Because we’ve worked with them. We also know that their people and culture is something they deeply value. So we have decided to partner with one per year. To help them create cultures where their people, and volunteers, love coming to work. A program that focuses on their leaders and their people.

The culture program will involve most of the Can We Talk team. Which is an awesome group of experts in their fields, with amazing skills and big hearts.

So if you are a not-for-profit organisation, or know one. And you want to give serious attention to becoming an amazing culture and leadership group for 2024. Then keep reading. You can learn all about it here and then apply if it feels right for your workplace.

Applications close on 12th November and the winner will be announced on 12th December. We can’t wait to work with you – whoever you are. And help this amazing country be even better. One not-for-profit at a time.