P&C planning mistake no. 4 – We stop running programs when people are in overwhelm

Do you find that sometimes you don’t have enough time to exercise? That eating well is challenging because there is so much on right now? Maybe you are finding a relationship too stressful to sit down and talk it through?

If we leave things as they are, what will change?

We all know the answer to this. Likely nothing. In fact, if we leave things as is, no change would be the best outcome. Yeah the best. What I find is that if we ignore our health, our eating habits or stressful relationships that things are likely to get worse. My physical and mental health will suffer. I could snap at others as I am run down. I could drop the ball on work as I am juggling too much and not dealing with the core foundations of making me better, me happier and me healthier.

The same happens when we don’t build the capability and confidence of our people to lead and do their job. But piling another ‘training program’ won’t work either.

If your people are in overwhelm and there is way too much on – work with this. Cater to this. Teach your people how to reduce the overwhelm, set clear priorities, manage their priorities. Teach them to set healthy boundaries at work, and at home. 

And create space for thinking and being together. Not just learning. Especially when your people are tired. We need to help people get their energy back. More training won’t do this. Unless it’s geared around reducing the overwhelm and/or there is space in there to do some pit stops.

When we are rolling out whole of business or large team culture programs, we ask them what they want next. We run a diagnostic to help them understand their problems and decide on the order to fix them. We roll it out together. People will come to that.

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