Pick your brain

‘Pick Your Brain’

One off mentoring session

I’m often asked by potential clients if they can pick my brains or how to deal with a tricky situation or person. In fact, it can be up to 3 enquiries a week.  If I said yes to all of them I would be doing full time volunteer work!

So, as a result I offer limited once-off 1-1 ‘Pick Georgia’s Brains’  session for clients who don’t need a full mentoring program. Just a once-off session. These are like a vitamin B shot where you need a quick injection of advice or help.

You might need some guidance on things like:

  • How to prepare for a tricky situation or a challenging individual
  • How to set up a feedback culture in your team, business unit or organisation
  • How to create high performance 1 on 1’s with your team and manager
  • How to become a Thought Leader and position yourself as the expert
  • Inspiration on how to stand out from the crowd

Sessions are available over the phone, skype  or face to face in Melbourne, Australia.
A  1 hour session is $1500 +GST  or a  2 hour session for $2500 +GST

If you really are after some free advice, my blogs are a great resource as well.