Play Your Part – Restoring hope for Australia

Our team are starting our year with hope rather than feeling hopeless. We are starting by helping rather than being helpless.


Like you we have found this pain that Australia is going through just devastating. I spent a lot of time on my break consuming research, watching docos, listening to interviews, soaking up anything related to our country, our climate and sustainability.  To be honest, it started to really get me down. And I started feeling very overwhelmed and helpless. We donate money and hope it passes. But no!


In Greek mythology there was Telamon of Arcadia. He was a warrior. He was said to say;


‘It is one thing to study war and another to live the warrior’s life’.


This really resonates with me. Becoming an expert without action won’t drive change.


There are things we can do. Everyday Australians. One thing at a time. So this year, every Monday, we are offering one thing you can do, attend, read or change. Anything that will contribute to returning our country and our planet back to safety. Each one thing will not be dependent on big financial commitments. It could require a little of your time, you might be challenged to do one thing differently, to be a little inconvenienced until you create new habits. They are things that everyday Australians will be able to do.


Yes I believe in climate change. Yes I believe that we have played a significant role in where we are at right now. If you’re not a believer then your challenge will just be to watch, soak up the suggestions and to be curious enough to learn something outside what you believe to be true. And I commit to doing the same.


Vicious arguments do not work. We need healthy conflict that opens mind and changes behaviours.


Your one thing this week is to educate yourself. The last time I watched a doco that made me feel physically nauseous to my core was when I watched how the racing industry were allowing the horrific treatment of our race horses when they no longer made us money.  I had the same feeling when I watched the new 15 minute investigation into why our country is not motivated to tackle climate change; Dirty Power.


This investigation will help you understand why our government is slow to act. It’s important to educate ourselves so we understand how important the role we play is. We can’t sit by and hope for the best. That ship has sailed.


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