Feedback Flow

The ultimate illustrated guide to embed change in 90 days.

Embedding a culture, whether it is a feedback one or any type of workplace culture, is not as simple as sending everyone to training in the hope it will transform. Feedback Flow will show you the 5 things workplaces need to do to create permanent change.



Real change should be easy and practical, although this is often not our experience. This straight-talking illustrated book will show you how to create lasting change and become the feedback culture that people love working in and for (Yes, really).

Let’s face it, we all want to create a high-performing team, culture, product or service that ripples throughout our business and into the market.

But what is required to do this? How do we go about it?

Embedding a feedback culture is the foundation to actually making this happen.

Feedback Flow spells out what happens when we create safe workplaces and gives you a super pragmatic way to embed a ‘feedback flow’ into your everyday. With some laughs and visual mojo along the way. You’ve just gotta learn to embed a feedback culture that not only sticks, but flows.  This book will show you how.


You receive the invite in your inbox:

‘Please attend compulsory training to learn more about our new values and behaviours, which will transform how we work with each other, and our clients, to take our relationships and organisation to the next level’.

You do a silent eye roll. Not one of these again. The email looks suspiciously like one you received a few years ago.

You get that this training has an important purpose, but WOW are you bored and tired of it. It’s usually a one-off day crammed with facts, stats, death by PowerPoint slides and a constant barrage of information overload. You get into small groups and write on sticky notes about the culture of your organisation.

‘And please,’ the facilitators say, ‘we want you to feel safe enough to be completely honest’. Oh, sure …

Then the same old exercises follow. Intended to map out where the culture should be. Our ‘future desired state,’ they call it. What does that even mean? It sounds like a presidential address.

If you’re lucky, the facilitator injects some fun in the day. If not, you’re checking your emails and Instagram every five minutes for a hit of dopamine.

The biggest problem with all this fanfare is that you know there will be little follow-up after the event. In fact, the only plus point is the sandwiches and muffins (if they’re not stale).

Fast forward a few months and posters with words like ‘honesty’ and ‘respect’ – the company’s new values and behaviours – start popping up all over the office walls, kitchen mugs and even on the back doors of the toilets for quiet moments of reflection. The posters pop with bright infographics and inspiring quotes from people who have been dead for over 50 years.

Are you serious?

Like this is going to motivate you into action and revolutionise how you work. The values are never measured. No one is held accountable. The worst thing is that the leaders in the organisation don’t even live true to what they’re proposing. There’s no ‘honesty’ or ‘respect’.

This scenario is all too common in workplaces today, throughout the world, in every industry, service and discipline. This is what the vast majority of your employees think when you – as a leader – send out that cut-and-pasted invite to yet another ‘culture change program’.

Organisations constantly seek ways to improve results and perform better, often packaged as a new strategy and external team training day, a set of new values, coffee cups and cupcakes. Needless to say, this has little to no effect on anything. (Except perhaps our waistlines.)

What’s inside

1 Culture programs don’t transform cultures

2 Performance reviews are so 1940s

3 We overcomplicate engagement

4 Training doesn’t transform

5 Use the force to find the flow

6 It starts with YOU

7 Do it in 90 days

8 Engage the train, for goodness sake

9 Create remembering rhythms

10 Measure it…

11 ...Then report back and tweak

12 Hold everyone to account

13 Soften the intent, not the content

14 Final words

Download the introduction and first 2 chapters to see the super cool, illustrated ride you will go on to embed feedback into your everyday.