Feedback Flow


Georgia Murch is the undeniable Queen of Feedback. She not only gets the challenges leaders face with communication inside organisations, but gives us a simple way and scalable plan that makes sense.  She writes the same way she talks – with energy, passion and humour.. and no bull whatsoever.  She blows up traditional management theories and makes them real.  If you want to know how every day conversations can evolve your culture, and take employee engagement to the next level, then read this book.



Real change should be easy and practical, although this is often not our experience. This straight-talking illustrated book will show you how to create lasting change and become the feedback culture that people love working in and for (Yes, really).

Let’s face it, we all want to create a high-performing team, culture, product or service that ripples throughout our business and into the market.

But what is required to do this? How do we go about it?

Embedding a feedback culture is the foundation to actually making this happen.

Feedback Flow spells out what happens when we create safe workplaces and gives you a super pragmatic way to embed a ‘feedback flow’ into your everyday. With some laughs and visual mojo along the way. You’ve just gotta learn to embed a feedback culture that not only sticks, but flows.  This book will show you how.

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